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From a young age, I was passionate about communication, nurturing relationships and organization. Yes, I was definitely that child who filled in her planner daily and never missed a homework assignment… 

These traits and skills were fundamental to becoming a Virtual Assistant (VA) at the beginning of my entrepreneurial journey. After 4 years as a VA, I realized that I wanted to focus on my real specialty: making your clients feel adored. I know personally that I hate to feel like I’m simply a wallet, not a person. That’s what I’m passionate about changing in the online industry. Let’s make your clients feel that loved too. 

But before we go there, I’m sure you’re curious how I got here…  

Client Experience Specialist,
Nurturer + Cat Mom  

I'm Lauren.

Hey Lovely!

in that moment... everything changed

My entrepreneurial journey started back in my college days, as I ran a virtual assistant business on the side of getting my degree in biological sciences (I was on the pre-med route… pretty wild to think about now!). When I graduated, I did dabble in the 9-5 world for about a year before realizing it really wasn’t for me. 

I know you expect to hear that I hated that job, but the thing is that the job and the company itself were actually fine! What wasn’t fine was that a 9-5 life ultimately felt like I didn’t have the control I wanted. So I decided to take my business full time, moving away from VA work to focus on what really lit me up… 

I decided to pursue what I knew I was meant to bring to fellow online entrepreneurs: a delightful client experience. I absolutely love that I can support my clients by taking this off their plate, so they can focus on serving their clients and touching the lives they were born to! 

My Story

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A few things about me...

1. dream destination


2. Personality type

INFP & Enneagram 2

3. i adore

my furbabies! my 3 cats mean the world to me.

4. my ideal day

cozy day at home with my fav video game or book!

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