Optimizing and curating your dreamy client experience. 


Take a deep breath and rest assured in my promise to you: I promise to love your clients as much as you do. 

As online business owners, curating a dreamy client experience is crucial, especially as you scale your business, so you can create those raving fans who come back to you time and again. In fact, the #1 aspect of creating a sustainable, consistent business is having an exceptional client experience. 

By keeping your current clients nurtured and loved, they will do the selling for you when it's time to launch your next product. That's where I come in. My passion is to manage your client experience to ensure they all feel fully supported. Your one-time effort will allow your business to grow exponentially while gaining back valuable time in your business.

Let me support you in optimizing your client experience by… 

· Giving you back valuable time in your business so you can focus on serving, creating and innovating.

· Creating Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and workflows to ensure that every single client has the same consistent delightful experience in working with you

· Helping you to retain your dream clients by making them feel supported and nurtured! 

I know that because you’re here. 

You want your clients to feel special and taken care of.

about me

As an Enneagram Type 2 (The Helper) and INFP, I’m a nurturing, caring and loving person by nature. When I discovered the world of client experience, I knew I’d found my passion! But it didn’t start there. I began by building up (and fully booking out) a Virtual Assistant business to get here! Though I love and appreciate the work of VAs, I knew that it was time for me to focus on the thing I do best: curating a delightful customer experience for your clients! 

client experience specialist, nurturer + cat mom

I'm lauren.

Hey Lovely!

Step-By-Step Walkthroughs On How  To Execute Your Client Experience Strategy

Customer Support
Email Templates

Group Community Management

Inbox Support & Management

Social Media Engagement

Client Onboarding & Account Management

Lead & Client Tracking System Implementation

Customer Support Ticketing System Implementation

Customer Journey Mapping

Community / Group Program Strategy

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"Lauren puts her heart and soul into our students and community members. She has put our minds at ease because we know that our people are fully held in every step of their journey with us"

— Lain E.

"Lauren doesn’t just complete tasks... she brings her intellect and ideas to projects as well! She’s saved me hours of stress!"

"Lauren takes so much off my busy plate with minimal direction and also brings some great strategic ideas and plans to the table. I don't know what I'd do without her!"

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client experience?

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